Nexperia 50V/55V MOSFETs for 36V DC Motors

Nexperia 50V/55V MOSFETs for 36V DC Motors offer 330A or 410A of continuous current in an LFPAK88 package. The logic level, gate drive, N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs are members of the MOSFETs for Battery Isolation, and DC Motor control family. The devices use Nexperia’s unique “SchottkyPlus” technology that delivers high efficiency and low spiking performance usually associated with MOSFETs with an integrated Schottky or Schottky-like diode but without problematic high leakage current.


The Nexperia 50V/55V MOSFETs are designed for 36V battery-powered applications requiring strong avalanche capability, linear mode performance, use at high switching frequencies, and safe and reliable switching at high load-current.


  • 330A (PSMN1R2-55SLH) or 410A (PSMNR90-50SLH) of continuous current capability
  • LFPAK88 (8mm x 8mm) LFPAK-style low-stress exposed lead-frame for ultimate reliability, optimum soldering, and easy solder-joint inspection
  • Copper-clip and solder die to attach for low package inductance and resistance, and high ID (max) rating
  • Ideal replacement for D2PAK and 10mm x 12mm leadless package types
  • Qualified to 175°C
  • Avalanche rated, 100% tested
  • Low QG, QGD, and QOSS for high efficiency, especially at higher switching frequencies
  • Superfast switching with soft body-diode recovery for low-spiking and ringing, recommended for low EMI designs
  • Unique “SchottkyPlus” technology for Schottky-like switching performance and low IDSS leakage
  • Narrow VGS(th) rating for easy paralleling and improved current sharing
  • Very strong linear-mode / safe operating area characteristics for safe and reliable switching at high-current conditions


  • Brushless DC motor control
  • Synchronous rectifier in high-power AC-to-DC applications, e.g. server power supplies
  • Battery protection
  • eFuse and load switch
  • Hotswap / in-rush current management
  • 10 cell lithium-ion battery applications (36V to 42V)


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