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eWave Solutions Limited was established in 2005 as a Global Distributor of Electronic Components. eWave specializes in Semiconductors and all types of electronic components.

eWave maintains inventory of Commercial, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Defense, and Aerospace grade Semiconductor Devices from most of the major manufacturers. eWave utilizes state of the art Information and Communication Systems and we upgrade and evolve our systems continuously.

eWave sources globally for Discontinued Devices, Hard to find Devices, Allocated Devices. eWave supplies semiconductor Devices made by most of the major Semiconductor Manufactures. Expert staff ensures that clients get the right product, at the right time with professionalism and courtesy. As a leader in the international distribution of electronic components, we focus on accurate and timely information worldwide. We are one of the most organized and most recognized companies within the Independent Distribution Market worldwide.

eWave dedicate to work in partnerships with its clients to deliver the excellent, cost-effective, alternative solutions and services the client needs, we offer comprehensive risk analysis to help EMS/OEM optimize the supply chain, considering the future business goals and objectives.

eWave goal is to continue to establish long term relationships by providing personal service with honesty and integrity. We are confident that we can become a reliable source for your company’s growing needs. Email info@ewave.hk or call +852-6068-5996 us for prompt service, and quotes anytime 24/365.

Why you Buy from us?

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