Infineon Technologies OPTIREG™ TLF35584QVHSx PMICs

Infineon Technologies OPTIREG™ TLF35584QVHSx PMICs are highly efficient Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) with a multiple output system supply for safety-relevant applications. These PMICs supply 3.3V-μC to 5V-μC, transceivers, and sensors by an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range. The TLF35584QVHSx PMCIs function with serial step up and step down pre-regulator for a wide input voltage range from 3V to 40V. These PMICs perform efficiently with a low overall power loss and provide easy realization of ASIL-D together with various Microcontrollers (μCs), enabled by multiple safety features. These PMICs are suitable for applications in electric power steering, battery management, transmission, and engine management domain control.


  • High efficient Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)
  • Low drop post regulator 5V/200mA for communication supply (QCO)
  • Low drop post regulator 5V/600mA (TLF35584QVHS1) or 3.3V/600mA (TLF35584QVHS2) for µC supply (QUC)
  • Voltage reference 5V ±1% for ADC supply, 150mA current capability (QVR)
  • Two trackers for sensor supply following voltage reference 150mA current capability each (QT1 and QT2)
  • Standby regulator 5V/10mA (TLF35584QVHS1) or 3.3V/10mA (TLF35584QVHS2) (QST)
  • Provides enable, sync out signal and voltage monitoring for an optional external post regulator for core supply
  • Independent voltage monitoring block and error pin monitoring
  • Configurable window and functional watchdog
  • 16-bit SPI, interrupt, and reset function
  • Safe state control with two safe state signals with programmable delay
  • Grade 0 supporting junction temperature up to 175°C
  • Green product (RoHS compliant) potential applications


  • Electric power steering
  • Battery management
  • Transmission
  • Engine management domain control


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